Curator's Commentary

by Joan Plungis, Curator

In late 2015, in preparation for a semester-long sabbatical I planned to take in Fall 2016, I began conversations with a family friend, Maria Fedyk. Maria's late husband, Joseph Fedyk, had been the caretaker at Girls' Town. The Fedyk family lived a house on the property from the 1960s into the 2000s. I learned that Maria's parents had also been caretakers there, and she and her sister, Nina, were educated at the Our Lady of the Woods school.

Maria was still in touch with one of her teachers, Sister Marguerite Senesac, who lived at Pelletier Hall, a retirement home in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, where several other Sisters from Girls' Town also lived.  We visited Sister Marguerite and Sister Louise in December 2015, and I interviewed them about their time at Girls' Town.  On a subsequent visit, my brother, Glenn Plungis, photographed  two stained glass windows and other surviving memorabilia from the Girls' Town chapel then housed in the Pelletier Hall chapel. 

Pelletier Hall closed in late 2016, and the Sisters moved to St. Margaret Hall in eastern Cincinnati, OH.  According to an article called "Pelletier Hall stained glass windows get a new home" in the newsletter of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Province of Mid-North America,  Feb. 2017, the stained glass windows were to move to Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Montgomery, OH, later that year.