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The chapel was designed with a cruciform footprint with an octagon shape to provide separate chapels converging at the altar for the different divisions of the community. The work of construction was inaugurated on the Feast of St. Joseph by a procession to the chapel's site. Father Stein blessed the site, while the Sisters chanted the Litany of All Saints. "The work is placed under the patronage of St. Joseph," said account in the Catholic Telegraph. "It is hoped that with this protection no untoward circumstance will occur to stay or interrupt the erection of the structure which is a necessity and which will be an ornament to the diocese."

Source: "New Chapel for Sisters of the Good Shepherd," Catholic Telegraph, March 23, 1911, p. 5. In January 1911, the estimated cost for the new chapel was $150,000. (Building Commission, Archdiocese of Cincinnati Archives, Record Group 3.4, Series 3.4-03 Meeting Minutes, Box 1) The cornerstone for the new chapel was laid on April 21, 1912. By 1921, plastering, stained-glass windows, carpentry work, and a a tunnel for heat were incomplete. Archbishop Moeller wrote to Mother M. of St. Stanislaus, October 19, 1921, giving her permission "to finish the new Chapel of the Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Carthage, at a cost not to exceed $70,000." Source: Moeller papers, Archdiocese of Cincinnati Archives, Series 01.04-02 Outgoing Correspondence 1921 (A-R), Box 13.


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