Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives

"Facing Dayton: Neighborhood Narratives" is a part of the nationwide storytelling project called the Facing Project, whose purpose is to create awareness about human rights issues and community assets to inspire social action. When the Fitz Center became a community partner, it began working with students and faculty in many disciplines to partner with members of the Dayton community to tell their stories.

With support from an Ohio Campus Compact grant, the University of Dayton partnered with CityWide Development Corp. and several Dayton neighborhood associations to create a collection of stories, videos and art from community members who have grown up or live in the Dayton neighborhoods. The goal: to capture the experience of living in Dayton and the challenges and advantages that go along with it.

The project culminated with a book shared throughout the community. The book is now available digitally in this collection along with individual stories, videos, works of art, research and promotional materials.

Faculty contributors: Rachel Bloom-Pojar (English); Darden Bradshaw (Art and Design); Carrie Chema (Art and Design); Joe Craig (English); David Fine (English); Natalie Hudson (Political Science/Human Rights); Julie Jones (Art and Design); Glenna Jennings (Art and Design); Sam Kennedy (Center for Social Concern with Campus Ministry ); Michael Key (Office of Learning Resources); Christina Klimo (Write Place); Brian LaDuca (Institute of Applied Creativity for Tranformation); Steve Neiheisel (Political Science); Danielle Rhubart (Sociology); Molly Keane-Sexton (English); Misty Thomas-Trout (Art and Design); Jayne Matlack Whitaker (Art and Design)


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