A Faith That Encounters: Fr. James Heft on Faith and Culture



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Dr. Sandra Yocum; Chanel Winston, MA

University Professor of Faith and Culture

Dr. Sandra Yocum


In this inspiring conversation, Fr. Jim Heft, SM, a beloved former UD professor/administrator and now Alton M. Brooks Professor of Religion at the University of Southern California and Founder & President Emeritus of the Institute for Advanced Catholic Studies (IACS) at USC, discusses his birds' eye view of the dynamic interrelations between faith and culture, especially as they have played out in the culturally vibrant setting of USC. Whereas 'religion and culture' may seem to be a more appropriate discussion in an ecumenical context, Fr. Heft insists that we avoid vague generalities and define terms: "faith and culture." Touching on everything from interreligious dialogue to the ecological crisis to the inculturation of faith, Fr. Heft presents us with a view of the academy study of theology, of real, lived-out faith, and of the encounter of cultures that is rich, principled, and entirely human, on the ground, and authentic. At the heart of this view lie the principles of encounter, heavily emphasized by Pope Francis as a necessity for evangelization, and of friendship, which is the greatest sure-fire way to open a door in interreligious and ecumenical dialogue.




Inculturation, encounter, interreligious dialogue, theology


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A Faith That Encounters: Fr. James Heft on Faith and Culture