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The Léon Clugnet Marian image collection documents Catholic and Marian devotion in France during the late 19th century. Mr. Clugnet's personal collection contains Catholic devotional images associated with French Marian shrines and titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The images include graphical representations of Mary, Madonna and Child, Marian statues, Catholic churches, and other Catholic holy sites. Materials in this collection are primarily related to France, however, several images represent Mary in other European countries including Belgium, Spain, and Italy. The collection contains several image formats dating from circa 1850-circa 1910 including photographs, carte-de-visites, holy cards, pilgrimage souvenirs, as well as color and black-and-white prints.


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Blessed Virgin Mary, Virgin Mary, holy cards, Marian devotion, Marian titles, Notre Dame, Lourdes, Chartres, Fourvière

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