Proceedings: 2018 Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus

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Proceedings: Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus


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Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus Symposium emerged in an atmosphere of optimism. During the last decade, UD’s profile as an international campus increased in several ways. With roughly 10 percent of its students identifying as international, the University restructured its curriculum to include more programming and course offerings that are global in nature and scholarly scope. There was an uptick in study abroad and cultural immersion programs. Simultaneously, UD’s efforts to recruit more domestic minority students, especially African American, Hispanic, and Native American students, is on the right trajectory. It is moving upwards. Last year, 16 percent of the first-year class reported being of African American or Hispanic descent. This represented, in numerical terms, the best recruitment of domestic minority students in the University’s history.

Those are wonderful achievements. However, to guarantee continuous success, the University must work to improve campus engagement for all. To do so is right—and consistent with the ideas of Blessed William Chaminade, founder of the Marianist Religious Order, who called for vigilance and reflection because “new times require new thinking.”


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Diversity and inclusion are core values at the University of Dayton, but bringing together people from different national, racial, and religious backgrounds sometimes can be difficult, even in a welcoming community.

At the symposium Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus, held Jan. 23-25, 2018, the Alumni Chair in the Humanities invited students, faculty, and staff from all parts of the globe to share stories about their experiences at home and on campus in hopes of strengthening the University’s inclusive excellence.