Proceedings: 2018 Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus

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Chapter 2: Global Voices and Why This Symposium Matters

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Proceedings: Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus


University of Dayton

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Misunderstanding happens when a person is trying to apply a story of his/her native culture to people from another culture, and do not realize that the story might be interpreted differently by the audience. The same story may not deliver the same results as you predict in your native culture.


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Diversity and inclusion are core values at the University of Dayton, but bringing together people from different national, racial, and religious backgrounds sometimes can be difficult, even in a welcoming community.

At the symposium Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus, held Jan. 23-25, 2018, the Alumni Chair in the Humanities invited students, faculty, and staff from all parts of the globe to share stories about their experiences at home and on campus in hopes of strengthening the University’s inclusive excellence.