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Dayton, OH


The 2019 Global Voices Symposium lived up to its hype. It was educational, informative, and enriching. It attracted onto the University of Dayton campus people from out of the state of Ohio and the larger Dayton community. Speakers were passionate about their topics and captivated the audience. All were engaged.

The Global Voices Symposium is built on the excitement that global awareness brings on college campuses and the larger community. Following this year’s symposium, people began asking what we have in store for next year—and that was revealing. The Global Voices Symposium is rapidly becoming a part of campus culture, and increasingly our campus is taking its rightful place as one which genuinely promotes global consciousness. It is the wave of the future.


University of Dayton, Immigration, Race, Diversity


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Higher Education


The Global Voices Symposium is designed to educate, inform, and contribute to ongoing conversations to strengthen global consciousness and awareness on the University of Dayton’s campus and the larger Dayton community. It brings together faculty, staff, students, and community leaders to discuss and find ways to enhance global engagement within our community. It is the hope that these conversations will help us to find commonality in the human experience, identify things that unite rather than divide, and enable us to engage one another to learn and be informed. The symposium challenges us to continue to dare as we build a vibrant diverse, inclusive, and multicultural community.

These proceedings, free for download but also available for purchase in print for $5 plus tax and shipping, contain content provided by the participants. Some presenters did not include their presentation materials in the proceedings. Texts have been edited for clarity.

Conclusion: The Forward March of Global Consciousness



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