Proceedings: 2020 Global Voices on the University of Dayton Campus



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Enhancing Global Consciousness on College Campuses and Beyond: Proceedings of the 2020 Global Voices Symposium


University of Dayton


The Global Education Seminar (GES) program is in its ninth year of existence. The program serves as a key faculty development opportunity and supports respective academic units’ strategic priorities for internationalization. Faculty from across disciplines commit to participating in a one-year, seminar-structured program prior to a three-week immersive experience in a particular region. The intent is to provide faculty with a mechanism to expand their understanding of the world and, in doing so, shape new or existing curriculum, faculty or student collaborations, research opportunities, and/or other international opportunities. Regions of focus for the GES program have included China, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Ghana, Togo, and South Africa. “Enhancing Global Awareness on Campus” was a session part of the 2020 Global Voices Symposium in which we invited six past GES faculty participants to discuss their GES experience, stating its impact both personally and professionally, and explaining how they have been able to disseminate to the campus community the knowledge they have acquired. Faculty concluded their reflections with suggestions on what can be done to promote global consciousness and awareness on campus.


International and Comparative Education


These proceedings, free for download but also available for purchase in print for $5 plus tax and shipping, contain content provided by the participants. Some presenters did not include their presentation materials in the proceedings. Texts have been edited for clarity.

Enhancing Global Awareness on Campus