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It is essential that we understand and learn about the diversity of experiences within the church and its educational institutions—experiences that are either marginalized or completely hidden. It can be difficult to face the full truth about the role of the church and our institutions, including UD, as both liberator and oppressor. We need to understand and embrace both the liberatory power of the faith and the Church’s role in the histories of slavery, segregation, and white supremacy. Without this critical examination, we are not whole. Our speaker tonight will help us on our journey. She raises up the history and legacy of Black Catholics—lay and vowed, particularly women—for us to see the enduring innovation, courage, and resilience of these faithful. . She helps us see that Black Faith Matters. So without further delay, I’d like to introduce Dr. Shannen Dee Williams.

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Higher Education | Race and Ethnicity | Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies


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