Evaluating the effectiveness of a short-term study abroad program for school psychology graduate students

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Susan Davies


The present study investigated the results of a short-term study abroad program for school psychology graduate students. The results of three years of one university's study abroad program were compared to results of the university's on-campus multicultural training course. Pre/post test intercultural development assessments were used to assess the growth in intercultural competence of the participating school psychology graduate students in both groups. Findings indicated that the difference in growth in intercultural competence between the two groups was not statistically significant. A supplemental tool was also used to collect qualitative data from some of the study abroad participants. A review of responses suggested that possible change was observed in areas related to knowing oneself as cultural and communications across cultural differences. Implications for school psychology training programs and suggestions for future research are discussed.


Foreign study Social aspects, School psychology Study and teaching, Interpersonal communication and culture, Graduate students Attitudes, Counseling Education, Counseling Psychology, Education, Educational Psychology, Multicultural Education, Pedagogy, Psychology, intercultural competence, study abroad, school psychology, graduate training, cross cultural, multicultural

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