Evaluation of a training on teachers' identification of anxiety in students

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Elana R. Bernstein


Students living with anxiety symptoms, without the proper identification or assistance, may experience adverse short-and long-term effects. Given the high prevalence rate and negative consequences associated with anxiety, it is important to continually increase awareness and training in identification and assistance of students experiencing anxiety symptoms. The present study employed a small-scale randomized experimental design evaluating the effect of a training program entitled Training Teachers to Identify Children with Anxiety Problems (T-TICAP) on teacher's ability to identify students with heightened anxiety and on teachers' gained knowledge about anxiety. Ten teachers were selected through convenience sampling and were randomly assigned to either a no-training (control) or training group; five teachers were placed in each group. Next, students (n = 92) in the teacher's classrooms were assessed with the Multidimensional Anxiety Scale for Children, Self-Report, 2nd Edition (MASC 2-SR) after consent was received from their parents. Teachers in the training group assessed students' anxiety levels using the Anxiety Nomination Rubric after training with the T-TICAP. Teachers in the no-training group assessed students' level of anxiety using the Anxiety Nomination Rubric before the T-TICAP training. Results indicated no statistical difference between teachers in the training versus no training groups with regard to accurate identification of student anxiety. Teachers' overall knowledge of anxiety symptoms significantly increased between the T-TICAP pre-test and post-test. Suggestions are made for future research to improve practices in early identification of childhood anxiety in a school setting.


Anxiety in children Identification Case studies, Teachers Training of Case studies, Teacher participation in educational counseling Case studies, Psychology, School Counseling, anxiety, training teachers, anxiety in students, prevention, training program, identification

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