Cyborgs in the pews: proposing a cyberfeminist theology

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M.A. in Theology


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Jana Marguerite Bennett


From its foundations, feminist theology has sought to address the contemporary questions asked of Christianity with an eye toward the needs and voices of women. One of the most prominent concerns of the 21st century is the growth of technology and its integration into human life. Feminist scholarship has already been asking these questions for decades in the form of the discipline of cyberfeminism. As feminist theology seeks to ask them as well, a conversation would be prudent, potentially moving towards a cyberfeminist theology. To begin down that path is a conversation between the work of feminist theologian Sarah Coakley and cyberfeminist Donna Haraway. With an in depth evaluation of the thought of both, bridges will be discovered to ease the forward motion of feminist theology into the contemporary, technologically saturated world.


Coakley, Sarah, 1951-, Haraway, Donna Jeanne, Cyberfeminism Religious aspects, Women in Christianity, Theology

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