Summary of laboratory multiphase flow studies in 2 diameter pipe at the University of Dayton and comparison to OLGA predictions "


Tibo Duran

Date of Award


Degree Name

M.S. in Chemical Engineering


Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering


Advisor: Robert Joseph Wilkens


In many industrial processes, gas-liquid multiphase flow is a very common phenomenon. Experimental results from the University of Dayton's multiphase flow loop reported in 4 master's theses, 1 honor's thesis and 1 journal article are summarized. OLGA predictive results of flow pattern, pressure drop and liquid holdup in both horizontal and vertical gas-liquid multiphase flow using 2 flow loops were investigated in this study. No annular flow pattern was predicted in horizontal flow pattern map. Moreover, the results from OLGA were analyzed and compared with previous students' experimental data as well as other predictive models. OLGA consistently under predicted pressure drop with respect to the horizontal measured data by 20 - 25% in slug flow and to vertical measured data by 15 - 50%, also OLGA consistently under predicted liquid holdup measured data. However, for the purpose of detecting slug flow, OLGA is a sensitive tool for finding slug flow."


Multiphase flow Simulation methods, Chemical Engineering, multiphase flow, OLGA, flow pattern, pressure drop, liquid holdup

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