A new way for mapping texture onto 3D Face model

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: John S. Loomis


Adding texture to an object is extremely important for the enhancement of the 3D model's visual realism. This thesis presents a new method for mapping texture onto a 3D face model. The complete architecture of the new method is described. In this thesis, there are two main parts, one is 3D mesh modifying and the other is image processing. In 3D mesh modifying part, we use one face obj file as the 3D mesh file. Based on the coordinates and indices of that file, a 3D face wireframe can be displayed on screen by using OpenGL API. The most common method for mapping texture onto 3D mesh is to do mesh parametrization. To achieve this goal, a perspective-projection method is used to map 3D mesh to a 2D plane. To improve the degree of the accuracy, we separates the 3D mesh into three pieces based on three different view positions from left to right. In image processing part, we extracted the face information from the green background images by using image segmentation. Because of the three face images from different view positions, so they have different light illumination. In this thesis, a button controller was made to control the light illumination of three parts separately. The image blending method was used to reduce the texture seam between two different parts of the mesh.The proposed method in this thesis is new way to add detail to a 3D model. It provides a valid texture mapping, also satisfies the man-machine interaction exactly. Even if the images are taken under the different illumination, users can use keyboard to change its illumination for color matching. This new way provides a new method to parametrize and modify the mesh so as to be used for texture mapping.


Digital image correlation, Three-dimensional modeling, Texture mapping, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, texture mapping, 3D face model, mesh parametrization, image processing, OpenGL, OpenCV

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