Rear axle gear whine noise abatement via active vibration control of the rear subframe

Date of Award


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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Advisor: Reza Kashani


An active, feedback vibration control strategy with the goal of abating gear whine noise in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive vehicles is developed. The control strategy was implemented using two small inertial (proof mass) actuators, mounted on the rear subframe of a luxury all-wheel drive sedan with independent rear suspension, as the active elements in this application. Acceleration information measured by accelerometers nearly-collocated with the actuators was used as the feedback signal. The effectiveness of active vibration control was successfully demonstrated by examining the extent of reduction in the shaker induced vibration of the rear subframe as well as the sound pressure inside the vehicle. The evaluation of the active control scheme was extended to rolling dynamometer tests, during which effective reduction of vibration of rear subframe and the pressure inside the vehicle were demonstrated.


Feedback control systems, Axles Noise, Automobiles Vibration, Mechanical Engineering, gear whine noise, active vibration control, proof mass actuator, feedback control, electromagnetic actuation, piezoelectric actuation

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