Stability analysis of additively manufactured isogrid


Sirija Ananth

Date of Award


Degree Name

M.S. in Engineering Mechanics


Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Engineering Mechanics


Advisor: Thomas James Whitney


This work investigated the stability of an isogrid panel manufactured using fused deposition modelling (FDM). In particular, it verifies the use of existing closed form analytical solutions and finite element analyses for predicting both global and local buckling loads and modes for these structures FDM-produced isogrid samples were subjected to uniaxial quasi-static compression with boundary conditions approximating simple supports. Buckling values and mode shapes were obtained from Digital Image Correlation (DIC). The values obtained experimentally were compared to buckling loads calculated using finite element analysis and closed form solutions for orthotropic materials. Excellent results were obtained in comparing finite element analysis to experimental results for both global and local modes, while closed-form solutions compared well for the global modes for which the solutions were intended.


Isogrids, Space frame structures Stability, Buckling (Mechanics), Prototypes, Engineering Testing, Aerospace Engineering, Aerospace Materials, Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Fused Deposition Modeling, FDM, Isogrid, Buckling, DIC, anisotropic material FEA analysis, 3D printed isogrid

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