Systematic methodology for improving the resource efficiency in manufacturing industries

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Advisor: Jun-Ki Choi


Rising cost of energy and resources with stringent environment regulations, manufacturing industries are seeking for a solution to increase energy and resource efficiency of their production process. This research provides a systematic methodology to improve resource efficiency in manufacturing industries. We developed a publicly available computational tool with systemized methodology called Resource Efficiency Guidebook (REG)." REG provides an Integrated Resource plus Principle Matrix methodology that integrates six types of resources: water, raw materials, chemical agents, process scraps, packaging wastes, and equipment. The purpose of REG is not only to assist industry to become more efficient but also to provide the user with real world examples and computational resources. In addition to real industry examples and savings calculations, REG includes industry's best practices and Streamlined Life Cycle Analysis (S-LCA) tool to quantify the positive environmental impact of resource savings."


Manufacturing processes Planning Methodology, Sustainable design Methodology, Systems engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Resource Efficiency, Sustainable Manufacturing, Streamlined Life Cycle Analysis, Software Tools, Systemized Framework, Manufacturing Systems

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