The effect of baffles and entrance ports on the measured reflectance of diffuse and specular samples in the integrating sphere

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M.S. in Electro-Optics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Advisor: Joseph W. Haus


Integrating spheres have many applications ranging from the measurement of reflectance of materials to the calibration of imaging devices. While there have been several works published that put forth integrating sphere theory and characterize reflectance measurements within integrating spheres, very few have considered the characterization of specular samples and or have incorporated a baffle. In this work, a set of form factors are determined in order to create a model which will allow us to predict the spectral behavior of samples within an integrating sphere featuring a baffle mounted on the interior sphere wall. This model is evaluated using samples of known reflectance values and shows good agreement with the known data. However, error is present due to assumptions made in the calculation of two of the form factors, the uncertainty in the reflectance of the sphere materials, as well as several simplifications made in modeling of the sphere geometry. Future work may improve the model by identifying all sources of error and determining how to compensate for them.


Sphere Optical properties, Reflectance, Reflection (Optics), Materials Science, Physics, Engineering, integrating sphere, form factor, shape factor, view factor, reflectance model, hisdal matrix, barium sulfate, spectralon

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