Effects of age, diet, and sex on the gustatory and olfactory sensing capabilities of the forensically important blow fly, Lucilia sericata (diptera: calliphoridae)

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Advisor: Karolyn Hansen


Three common misconceptions about the caliphate in Islam are explored: 1) That the caliphate is one centralized government embodying one unified Muslim community living in peace, justice and luxury until 1924 CE; 2) That there has been no more than one caliph at a given time; 3) That Islam has a specific divine blueprint for a system of governance called the caliphate system, mandated by God. Anyone who abandons this blue print abandons Islam. The essay starts with the role the caliphate played in agendas of Islamic movements over the last hundred years followed by a historic discussion addressing the first two misconceptions. The third misconception is addressed through a linguistic, Qur'anic, and historical analysis of the word caliphate." The fact that neither the Qur'an, nor the Prophet saw himself as a head of state is explored and the misappropriation of the word "constitution" to replace the word "pact" in "the pact of Medina" is pointed out. A simple classification of three types of "caliphates" is suggested, emphasizing the wide range of connotations it conveys. Finally, counterarguments using the Qur'an and hadith are addressed. The essay concludes: what makes a state Islamic are not name nor its structure, but rather its orientation towards Qur'anic ethical values."


Blowflies Sense organs, Blowflies Nutrition Requirements, Lucilia sericata; Calliphoridae; Nutrition; Diet; Olfactory Sensing; Gustatory Sensing; Electroantennogram; Proboscis Extension Reflex

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