Deconstructing Eve : a critical feminist analysis of mid-level female administrators in conservative evangelical universities

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Ph.D. in Educational Leadership


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Molly A. Schaller


Research demonstrates that female staff in conservative, Christian colleges experience gender discrimination in a variety of forms, and this oppression is often because evangelical theology dictates women are ontologically second class citizens. This qualitative critical feminist dissertation specifically focuses on the gendered experiences of female mid-level administrators in evangelical academia. Interviews and participant reflective exercises were used to collect data, and findings demonstrate gender inequality exists within Christian academia. Female mid-level supervisors reported difficulty balancing home and work responsibilities, pay disparity, thwarted promotional opportunities, and covert and overt discrimination. Recommended strategies to address gender inequality include leadership development programs, mentoring, advocacy for balanced hiring and salaries, gender equity task forces, climate surveys, and internal and external coalitions.


Sex discrimination in higher education, Discrimination in higher education, Sexism in religion, Sex discrimination against women, Christian universities and colleges Employees, Education Policy, Educational Leadership, Educational Theory, Gender, Gender Studies, Higher Education, Higher Education Administration, Religion, Womens Studies, Theology, evangelical higher education, gender discrimination, female administrators, feminist theory in higher education, critical theory in higher education

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