Precious Blood charism and active ministry: how sisters in public schools influenced religious life

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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Sandra A. Yocum


The primary ministry of a religious community has an impact on the way that that group understands its place in the Church. In this work, the Sisters of the Precious Blood's charism will be presented from the time of the community's foundation in the 1830s up through today, noting how active ministry has brought about a community which lives an apostolic life. These sisters, who in the beginning lived in large semi-cloistered convents, soon found themselves in active ministries, one of which was teaching in the area's public schools in northwestern Ohio. The narrative of renewing religious life in the middle of the twentieth century runs parallel to the standardization of religious education during release time in public schools. Finally, there is a discussion of how both the schools and the sisters' charism lives on today through the involvement of lay people.


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