Virtual communion: theology of the internet and the Catholic imagination

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Ph.D. in Theology


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Vincent Jude Miller


As virtual space, the internet can be understood theologically through the doctrinal loci of the incarnation and the church. These two doctrines pervade both scholarly and ecclesial discussions of technology and the internet to date, and remain the central doctrinal categories with which theologians should assess internet culture. In its broader sacramental imagination and its ecclesiology, the church relies on virtual space insofar as it relies on the productive tension between presence and absence. Furthermore, the social possibilities of the internet afford the church great opportunity for building a social context that allows the living out of Eucharistic logic learned in properly liturgical moments.


Catholic Church Doctrines, Internet Religious aspects Catholic Church, Internet, Theology, Religion, Multimedia Communications, religious studies, media studies, internet, internet studies, sacrament, ecclesiology

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