100% renewable energy for residences in seven counties in Ohio

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Advisor: Robert J. Brecha


The objective is to research the possibility of achieving 100% renewable energy for electricity demand and hot water for residences in seven areas in Ohio by utilizing three locally- available renewable energy sources. These areas are chosen because they are generally rural and thus can potentially provide biomass energy in the form of crop residue. Hourly electricity demand based on OpenEI data for this region is utilized to determine hourly renewable energy expected to meet hourly demand. The three renewable energy sources locations solar energy, wind energy, and biomass energy from residues located in the seven counties. Three alternatives are examined for proposed power plant configurations with sustainable power sources. These cases rely upon Biomass used to create power and hot water and either utilize all of the accessible biomass in the regions to generate electricity and waste heat or utilize biomass to provide heat for hot water or use biomass to meet remaining electricity demand after estimating the solar and wind power plant outputs. The levelized cost of energy in each scenario is calculated as well.


Renewable energy sources Ohio, Power-plants Design and construction Estimates Ohio, Agricultural wastes as fuel Ohio, Energy consumption Ohio, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind, Biomass, Electricity Demand, levelized cost of energy

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