Data modeling to predict the performance of Emerson walk-in freezer

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Advisor: K. P. Hallinan


The energy consumption of Walk-in freezers are greatly affected by the door opening. Extensive studies have been made to study the effect of the door opening on the refrigerator/ freezer energy consumption. This paper presents the effect of the door openings of walk-in freezer energy consumption. The walk in freezer was tested in Emerson laboratory to determine the responsiveness of its energy consumption, evaporator return air temperature, and inside air temperature to various door opening schedule. The experiment performed to explore the effect of new door opening schedule on energy consumption and either evaporator return air temperature or inside air temperature. More detailed tests were performed under three different control models. The models have been developed to determine the effect on energy consumption and either evaporator return air temperature or inside air temperature. The testing procedure was conducted under the ambient air temperatures of 70 F, and the door opening operation was carried out by one automatic robotic apparatus in an environmental control room. The three models succeed in eliminating original door opening schedule and predicting new door opening schedule, but they failed in predicting the magnitude of energy consumption and evaporator return air temperature strikes due to door opening. A new model was developed to predict the total power consumption and its results show that increasing the number of door openings will increase the energy consumption.


Walk-in coolers and freezers Energy consumption Testing, Refrigeration and refrigerating machinery Energy consumption Testing, Energy dissipation Simulation methods, Mechanical Engineering, Walk-in Door Opening, Energy Consumption of Walk-ins, Evaporator Return Air Temperature, Walk-ins Performance

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