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Ph.D. in Materials Engineering


Dr. John C. Wurst


An experimental study was undertaken in which to develop materials and processes to produce a quality orifice plate for ink-jet printing possessing superior corrosion resistance to previously used materials. Orifice plates were fabricated by punching, mechanical drilling, electron beam. drilling and selective etching of amorphous metal strip. These methods were found to be unsuitable. A successful fabrication process involved surface preparation of the stainless steel strip, application of a suitable photoresist pattern, electrodeposition of an amorphous nickel-phosphorus alloy, and selective etching of the stainless steel. Process controls and inspection methods were established which allowed consistent results to be achieved. The experimental study resulted in the successful exploitation of the properties of amorphous metals to fabricate orifice plates of superior quality. The results of this experimental study represent the first successful application of amorphous metals to an inkjet application.


Ink-jet printing, Printing plates, Alloy plating

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