Cassie dates Melvin or, How two people struggle to save their town despite a few small obstacles such as killer philodendrons (an excerpt from Book two in a series)

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M.A. in English


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Advisor: Albino Carrillo


This thesis is comprised of several chapters of a second novel which fit together as a unit. They present the major characters of the novel and the small town setting of Edgar. Themes of the novel which appear in this unit include the difficulties of developing a successful romantic relationship and cultural obsession over cheap, over-sweetened yet tasty food, which everyone knows is unhealthy and yet cannot stop eating, using, and/or profiting from it. Perhaps the conflict could be summarized as the sweetness of real love vs. the sweetness of artificial snack food. The narrative also contains some metafictional elements. The interaction between the old (largely permanent) world and the new (impermanent and/or transformed) is also shown. This unit is an excerpt from a second novel. The first novel, entitled Cassie meets Melvin: A story about love, snack food, and world domination is due to be published this year.


Romance fiction, Snack foods Fiction

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