Jesus' prison a novel

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M.A. in English


Department of English


Advisor: Joseph R. Pici


Jesus' Prison is a novel in twenty-six chapters. It follows Jonathan Beacon, a young English teacher from a small, emotionally-distant family. A call from his mother soon changes that as he learns that an aunt and an uncle he believed were dead are both alive, but unwell. Both Aunt Clara, who regularly talks to Jesus, and Uncle Arthur, who blames Jesus for his problems, need something from Jonathan, who also discovers that he needs something from them in return. However, time is running out for all as Uncle Arthur counts down to the end of his life and Aunt Clara readies herself to meet Jesus in person. The only thing keeping Jonathan sane in the new mess of family chaos is Destiny, a woman Jonathan is discovering he can't live without.


Dysfunctional families Fiction, Catholics Fiction, Alzheimer's disease Fiction

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