The effects of sibling relationships on romantic relationship expectations in high conflict homes

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M.A. in Clinical Psychology


Department of Psychology


Advisor: Carolyn Roecker Phelps


The current study examined the effects of sibling relationship quality on adolescent romantic relationship expectations and conflict beliefs. The impact of the sibling relationship and interparental conflict were analyzed for their role in romantic relationship expectations. No significant correlations were found between sibling relationships and romantic relationship expectations. Desirable sibling relationship qualities shared a positive relation with romantic relationship expectations for cross-gender sibships. Same-gender sibships, on the other hand, demonstrated a negative relation between undesirable sibling relationship qualities and romantic expectations. The potentially moderating effects of a positive sibling relationship on romantic relationship expectations within high conflict homes were unable to be examined due to a lack of relation between measures examining these factors. The findings suggest differing impacts of cross- and same-gender sibships on romantic relationship expectations.


Brothers and sisters Psychological aspects, Relationship quality, Interpersonal relations, Interpersonal conflict, Dysfunctional families Psychological aspects

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