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Considering the severity of the substance abuse problems on college campuses today, there exists a need for an empirical measure designed to identify substance addiction in college students which will allow universities to provide appropriate intervention and treatment programming. The Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory (SASSI) was designed to identify addiction in the general public with the special ability to break through the denial and defensiveness typically associated with substance abuse. The SASSI was administered to students participating in a substance education program at a private, midsized university in the Midwest. A chi-square analysis, adjusted by the Fisher Exact test, provided limited support, p < .0569, for the goodness of fit between the determinations of dependency or not as designated by SASSI and the expert clinician. Multiple regression analysis suggests that the clinician is more influenced by the obvious attributes of substance addiction whereas SASSI was sensitive to the more subtle attributes of addiction. Most of the addicted students tended to be identified on the more face valid subscales of the SASSI vsuggesting that college students tend to be more admitted about their experience with licit and illicit substances and the associated conseguences/| Future studies should include a larger N as well as look for agreement between SASSI and one or more expert clinicians.


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