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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Fuel is used as a coolant in military aircraft. Determining possible harmful effects to fuel system seals caused by thermally stressed jet fuel is of considerable importance. The United States Air Force uses chemical additives to improve the performance of jet fuels. Since the interaction between thermally stressed additized jet fuel and fuel system O-rings is not understood, experiments have been performed to study the effects of heated fuel, which contains additives, on O-rings. Experimental methods, both long term (28 day) aging tests and short term (5 day) aging tests were used to: 1) investigate the effects of JP-8 additives on the mechanical degradation of O-rings, 2) develop a correlation between O-ring electrical conductivity and changes in measured mechanical properties, and 3) investigate the temperature dependence of O-ring mechanical properties.


Rockets (Aeronautics) Fuel tanks, Jet planes Fuel Additives, Jet planes Fuel Thermal properties, Sealing (Technology)

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