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This project addresses those heretofore limited experiments and laboratory activities associated with a secondary biology course having a core emphasis on human anatomy and physiology. Such a course has been offered at Oakwood High School for nearly two decades. It offers labs to students in two distinct, yet related areas. Anatomy labs provide students with a wide variety of dissectable materials. Whole specimens as well as individual organs are examined and analyzed. In association with lectures, demonstrations, and AV presentations, these labs present a series of unique and critical opportunities in the study of human macroscopic structure. Physiology labs center upon functional aspects of the human organism and can involve the biochemical analyses of real or simulated body fluids such as blood, urine, or saliva. In addition, non-invasive investigations of lung volumes, heart rates and pressures and a variety of neurological phenomena may be demonstrated on, with, and by high school students. Both of these lab approaches offer the instructor and his or her students the advantage of studying the human organism from a holistic as well as a reductionistic point of view. Individual body functions and structures are typically investigated on a systems basis, a methodological format sustained by most available texts. Other, more diverse aspects of human biology, such as homeostasis, control mechanisms and defense are integrated through a variety of units in endocrinology, immunology and neurology. A variety of diverse lab activities offer opportunities for independent research, a strong preparation for collegiate challenges and career insight.


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