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Ed.S. in School Psychology


This purpose of this study was to examine how inattentive behaviors in the classroom impact reading achievement. This study also investigated how this association is mediated by interactions with teachers. Participants were 38 second-grade students and three female teachers from a public school district in Ohio. Rank correlational analysis revealed that student inattention had a weak negative correlation with reading achievement. This is contradictory to previous research which has indicated that inattention is strongly related to difficulties in the area of reading. In addition, teacher-student interactions were not significantly associated with reading achievement. Thus, involvement, autonomy support, and structure provided by the teacher did not mediate the relationship between student inattention and reading achievement. Additional research is needed to further investigate the association among inattention and reading achievement and to provide insight into how interactions with teachers may benefit students over time.


Reading (Elementary), Interaction analysis in education, Attention in children

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