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In the modern school day where students are leaving for speech, occupational therapy, learning disabilities and gifted programs, and the special areas of art, music, and physical education, there are not enough hours left for an elementary teacher to cover all areas of the curriculum. The subject matter, when fragmented into small "windows" of teaching time and broken up into compartments of learning objectives, often seem like meaningless pieces of an incomplete puzzle. The researcher believes that children learn from the whole to the parts in a context of broad categories. The researcher believes that learning can be approached from a thematic, natural context in which all facets of the curriculum are integrated. The researcher also believes that the more pathways the learning follows to the students, the better their memory will be. This type of teaching and learning is meaning-oriented.


Reading (Elementary) Language experience approach, English language Study and teaching (Elementary) Ohio Columbus Handbooks, manuals, etc, Literature Study and teaching (Elementary) Ohio Columbus Handbooks, manuals, etc, Language experience approach in education

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