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This research, concerning female youth physical fitness, began as an offshoot of a study conducted by Hirschland and Kraus (1954). While the initial question ''Are American youth fit?" appeared interesting, this study will examine the question Are American female youth fit?. In view of societies increased leisure time, there is speculation that the fitness levels of our female youth have been declining over the years. Research studies over the past four decades have been aimed at providing information relative to these issues. The inconsistent redefining of terms, changes in assessment tools used to measure fitness, shifts in the emphasis of norm-referenced versus criterion-referenced health standards and a continuing debate over the importance of fitness levels versus activity levels for health maintenance, have all been obstacles which limited the quality of longitudinal research pertaining to youth fitness. Therefore, conclusions about today's female youth fitness levels are varied and the comparison of female youth fitness over time can be debatable


Physical fitness for women United States, Physical education for women United States, Women Health and hygiene United States

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