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The written language has several different functions in today's society. There is environmental print, occupational print, informational print and recreational print. Students in today's classrooms are learning all about the different aspects of writing and how to express themselves through their writing skills. Only when most children are personally interested in their writing can teachers have the chance to move around and conference with each individual author. At the end of the day, a sharing time usually occurs which permits the authors to share their work with others. Even young students can keep journals, write and share their work with others. Keeping folders on the writing the students produce will show how their spelling, handwriting and writing have developed. Marie Clay (1975) says that students who are involved in the writing experience stories are well rounded students who excel in reading and expressing themselves through the written language. Whole language teachers have found that with young students, a teacher should start the students out by having the students draw a picture and dictate a sentence/story to go along with the drawing. The next step, is to let the students draw and write on their own. This is one of the different phases of learning about the writing process. There is very little if any writing process activities done in the Transitional Kindergarten class. If students are started in Transitional Kindergarten writing then by the time the students get to First Grade their writing will be further ahead of other students. Transitional students can also experience the wonderful experience of getting their thoughts and feelings onto paper. In this handbook, it will be shown how to establish and teach the writing process using picture journals and other writing activities to the Transitional Kindergarten student.


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