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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


The purpose of this thesis is to assert the theological connection between the Eucharistic Prayer and sacramental Communion. On this basis it argues that the Eucharistic Prayer ritually functions as the “heart” and “center” of the Mass, while the reception of sacramental Communion, specifically the Communion Procession, is more properly described as the ritual “summit” of the Eucharistic liturgy. It also emphasizes that the unity of the Body of Christ is the ultimate purpose of the Eucharist, which is deepened by the reception of sacramental Communion. This vital relationship between Eucharistic praying and Eucharistic Communion is in need of additional theological development, as well as ritual attention and catechetical emphasis. Ultimately, such theological, ritual, and catechetical efforts could lead to an enhanced understanding of and appreciation for each element in its full theological richness, as well as deepen the full, conscious, and active participation in the Eucharist, the supreme sacrament of the Church.


Eucharist Catholic Church, Lord's Supper Catholic Church, Eucharistic prayers Catholic Church

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