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M.S. in Education


The purpose of this project is to examine the literature available for children on the topic of Latin American culture, past and present, and to put it into a handbook format for the use of teachers K-3. This project also will examine the research that has been conducted on teaching multi-cultural literature in the early childhood and early elementary years which supports the premise that multi-cultural literature helps students to develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures' similarities and respect for their differences. This project will include the following areas in the handbook guide: I. Concept Map, showing four areas from Hispanic literature: Traditional literature from Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas; folk tales that reflect interaction with other cultures; contemporary Hispanic literature, and non-fiction that provides a historical perspective; II. Annotated bibliography of literature; III. Comparisons of trends, values, and beliefs in literature; IV. Procedures for implementing a unit on Hispanic literature; V. Activities and suggestions to accompany literature; VI. Sharing activities completed with a larger community, and evaluation.


Latin American literature Study and teaching (Primary) Handbooks, manuals, etc, Latin American fiction Study and teaching (Primary) Handbooks, manuals, etc, Mythology, Legends Latin America, Tales Latin America

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