Traumatic brain injury school psychologist training, knowledge and skills

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Susan Davies


Students who have sustained traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often not identified appropriately in school systems. School psychologists serve an important role in identifying and providing appropriate school-based services for students with TBI. The purpose of this study was to evaluate school psychologists' readiness to provide assessment, intervention, and reintegration services for students with TBI by exploring their knowledge, skills, and training related to TBI. Data was collected through a knowledge survey and self-reported skills/qualifications. Results indicated that school psychologists with training in TBI had significantly more knowledge about TBI compared to school psychologists without training, but the school psychologists with training did not rate themselves as having significantly more skills. By finding out what school psychologists know regarding TBI, more effective training plans may be implemented.


Brain-damaged children Identification, School psychologists Training, School health services Training, Students Health and hygiene Diagnosis, Brain damage Diagnosis

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