Effects of sleep habits on children displaying behavioral problems in school

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Sawyer Hunley


Often sleep is overlooked when school professionals are considering causes of problem behavior during school hours, but research shows sleep has a global effect on functioning. Previous studies have primarily focused on adolescent sleep needs. Therefore more research was needed on how sleep affects elementary aged children. The purpose of this study was to discover whether disturbed sleep, measured by a cutoff score on the Children's Sleep Habits Questionnaire (CSHQ), had a direct effect on behavior during the school day. Behavior problems were going to be measured by office referrals for infractions defined in the school district's discipline code. Not enough office referrals occurred for students whose parents participated in the study to complete data analysis as planned; however, results did indicate that the majority of students with disturbed sleep experienced difficulty with Morning Waking.


Problem children Health aspects, Sleep deprivation, Behavior disorders in children, School children Health and hygiene

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