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M.A. in English


Department of English


Advisor: Albino Carrill


Raw is a collection of poetry that has been in the making for quite some time and addresses issues the common" man and woman are faced with on a daily basis. The poetry within this manuscript speaks to primordial urges and desires that are buried deep deep down, in places that only the imagination can explore. These visceral poems are "raw" in the sense that they will create an immediate reaction within its readers. Raw is a collection of poetry that cannot be ignored based on its subject matter and content. 1. legs, lips, and hips The section, legs, lips, and hips, explores the female body and the emotions it engenders in the male. In this section of Raw, the female body has given life to a set of poems that explore love, lust, sex, and desire. 2. neighbors The section, neighbors, is a series of poems written from the hard-edged working class perspective. These are poems that are easy to relate to, especially for readers who have had jobs or bosses that they have hated. neighbors looks closely at the lives of those connected to us, as well as those we bump into on the street. neighbors is filled with poetry that leaves its readers looking next door, wondering what is going on. 3. raw The section entitled raw is an ancillary chapter that juts out ripe with materials that do not fit in anywhere else, because they do not have to. What is raw? However you read raw it is intended to prompt your acknowledgment that it is a collection of poetry that may not change the word, but will definitely change the way you read it."


Poetry, Modern 21st century.

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