Modeling and analysis of CPW based multi-layer on-chip inductors and design of multi-resonator for RF signature sensor

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Advisor: Guru Subramanyam


CPW based multi-layer inductors which can provide higher frequency bandwidth and Quality factor (Q) values are studied and characterized so that a new microwave equivalent circuit model may be obtained. In order to study the correlation between the inductance and the length, width and thickness of the conductor, electromagnetic (EM) structures of multi-layer inductors are designed and compared to electrical models. Simulated data and test data were compared and analyzed. Results showed that conductor length change causes major inductance change; conductor width change causes major capacitance change. Detailed results and analysis are shown in this thesis work. On the second step, a passive multi-resonator based RF signature sensor has been developed. Based on research result from part I, some improvement has been made to the designed RFSS has a working frequency at 7.5GHz frequency with about 20dB insertion loss at the fundamental resonance frequency.


Electric conductors Properties Testing, Electromagnetic devices Design and construction, Electric inductors Design and construction, Detectors Design and construction

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