A Great mystery" the analogy of the sexes in the trinitarian Communio of Hans Urs Von Balthasar in light of a feminist perspective "

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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: Matthew J. Levering


This project attempts to expound the theological anthropology of Hans Urs von Balthasar as a decidedly Trinitarian anthropology. The method of this project explores the writings of Balthasar on the analogy of the sexes grounded in the Godhead, and incorporates the critical engagement of feminist theologian Tina Beattie. Central to the conclusion of this thesis is an understanding of the Trinity as a reciprocal Gift-Exchange of Love between the Persons; a model after which the human sexes, male and female, were created and called to imitate. This thesis questions the degree to which Beattie's critique of Balthasar fails to take into account the Trinitarian grounding of Balthasar's vision of the human sexes.


Balthasar, Hans Urs von, 1905-1988 Criticism and interpretation, Beattie, Tina, 1955- Criticism and interpretation, Sex role Biblical teaching, Trinity Biblical teaching

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