Curriculum based measures and students of diverse ethnicities

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Ed.S. in School Psychology


School of Education and Health Sciences


Advisor: Sawyer Hunley


This study evaluates the performance of students from diverse backgrounds on the curriculum-based measure 'DIBELS Next.' While the literature supports the use of curriculum based measures to evaluate academic skill, research has been limited in the study of students with different backgrounds and their performance on curriculum based measures. Results of the present study indicated that DIBELS Next is a tool that does not discriminate among white non-Hispanic (WNH), black non-Hispanic (BNH), or Asian Pacific Islander (API) in the targeted schools. Thus, ethnicity does not have an effect on DIBELS Next oral reading fluency scores or weekly rate of change. Future research might evaluate students from other ethnicities to ensure DIBELS Next probes are an appropriate measure of oral reading fluency for all students.


Test bias Case studies, Minority students Ability testing Case studies, Oral reading Ability testing Case studies, Curriculum-based assessment

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