Faithful to your sacraments and loyal in your service" the sacrament of reconciliation as a source of spirituality and collaboration in ministry"

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M.A. in Theological Studies


Department of Religious Studies


Advisor: William H. Johnston


This thesis explores the sacrament of reconciliation as a source of priestly spirituality, which informs ministerial identity. The significance and purpose of this thesis is to propose a sacramental model of spirituality that promotes respectful collaboration between priests and lay ecclesial ministers, which is called for by the United States' Bishops in Called and Gifted for the Third Millenium. This thesis outlines basic foundations of ministerial identity as understood in the Roman Catholic priesthood. It then examines spirituality as the component of ministerial identity where belief and practice converge. Finally, it provides a detailed analysis of two forms of the sacrament of penance, during which the rites are examined for spiritual dispositions and virtues that promote effective collaboration and mutual respect between priests and lay ecclesial ministers.


Catholic Church Clergy Spiritual life, Catholic Church Clergy Attitudes, Catholic Church. National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Bishops' Committee on the Laity. Called and gifted for the third millennium, Lay ministry Catholic Church, Penance, Clergy Spiritual life, Priests Spiritual life, Priests Attitudes

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