Fluorescence enhancement using one-dimensional photonic band gap multilayer structure


Jian Gao

Date of Award


Degree Name

Ph.D. in Electro-Optics


Department of Electro-Optics and Photonics


Advisor: Qiwen Zhan


Fluorescence enhancement using one-dimensional photonic band gap (1DPBG) multilayer structures is demonstrated in this dissertation. Designed with proper refractive indices and thicknesses, the alternating high and low index multilayer thin film structures combine photonic crystal resonance and omni-directional reflection together to enhance the excitation light irradiance and improve the collection efficiency of the fluorescent emission light with different polarizations. Gallium phosphide was chosen as the high index material and its fabrication process was optimized. The field enhancement effect was experimentally confirmed for two designs with achieved enhancement factors of 50̃69 folds corresponding to TE and TM waves. The omni-directional reflection effect was measured to be 80% for the incident angles from 5° to 75°. A polarization multiplexed 1DPBG structure was designed with the pixelated terminal layer to enhance both polarizations on the same device. The enhancement factors of 17.9 folds and 15.6 folds were experimentally verified for TE and TM excitations at the same resonant angle. These 1DPBG designs may find wide applications in bio-sensing and imaging.


Fluorescence, Photonic crystals

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