The Relationship between gratitude and burnout in mental health professionals

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M.A. in Clinical Psychology


Department of Psychology


Advisor: Mark S. Rye


This study investigated the relationship between gratitude and burnout in mental health professionals. Participants consisted of 65 mental health treatment providers from community mental health agencies and a university counseling center. Consistent with hypotheses, both workplace specific gratitude and dispositional gratitude were positively related to job satisfaction and personal accomplishment. Workplace specific gratitude was also negatively related to emotional exhaustion and depersonalization. Gratitude predicted job satisfaction and burnout after controlling for demographic, job contextual variables, and hope. Workplace specific gratitude predicted emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and job satisfaction after controlling for dispositional gratitude but not vice versa. Dispositional gratitude predicted personal accomplishment after controlling for workplace specific gratitude but not vice versa.


Mental health personnel Job satisfaction, Mental health personnel Job stress, Gratitude, Burn out (Psychology)

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