An integer-based approach for back projection of wide area imagery

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M.S. in Electrical Engineering


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Advisor: Eric Balster


Image projection, the re-orienting of an image into a desired coordinate frame, is a common transformation within many imaging applications. Google Earth, military surveillance systems, and agricultural surveys all make use of varying approaches to image projection. Orthorectifcation, the construction of an image based upon orthographic projection, is one such approach. This thesis presents an integer-based approach to the orthorectifcation of aerial imagery. The orthorectifcation process is a back-projection algorithm with the use of a CAHV camera model, Digital Elevation Map (DEM), and implementation of the collinearity equations. In many airborne imaging systems, the orthorectifcation process is a computational bottleneck which hinders processing throughput. The proposed integer-based approach reduces the computation time of the projection process by an average of 27.6%. In addition, the proposed solution easily lends itself to further processing improvement using embedded solutions such as FPGAs.


Image processing Digital techniques Data processing, Aerial photogrammetry Data processing

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