Analysis of thin skinned cylindrical sandwich structures with weak orthotropic core under patch loading

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M.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Advisor: Elias Anis Toubia


An analysis of cylindrical sandwich structures with weak orthotropic core subjected to patch loading is presented. A high order theory model is used to predict the static response of the structure. The face sheets are considered as thin shells that follow the first order shear deformation theory, whereas the core is considered as a linear elastic medium. The effects of core elastic and shear stiffness, curvature to length ratio, and stacking sequence and orientation on the core's stresses and displacements are then presented. The case of a moving load is explored and performance charts are generated to design and optimize the structure in response to the patch loads.


Composite construction, Structural stability, Sandwich construction, Strength of materials, Materials Analysis, Engineering; mechanical engineering; mechanics; high order theory for cylindrical sandwich composites

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