Propagation of Gaussian beams through a modified von Karman phase screen

Date of Award


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M.S. in Electro-Optics


Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Electro-optics Graduate Program


Advisor: Partha P. Banerjee


Gaussian beam propagation through discrete phase screens and an extended random media has been studied extensively over the last four decades. In this thesis, we numerically examine the effects of a discrete phase screen during Gaussian beam propagation on the scintillation index for a single beam and on the fringe visibility for the two transversely separated beams. We use the modified von Karman spectrum model to describe the phase screen statistics, utilizing the Fried parameter, inner scale and the outer scale. The scintillation index is analyzed as a function of the structure constant, phase screen location, the initial width of the Gaussian beam, etc. Similarly, the numerical simulations are extended using a pair of transversely separated Gaussian beams. We examine the interference of the beams and measure the fringe visibility at the target. We then correlate the scintillation index and the fringe visibility results and suggest the possible applications.


Gaussian beams Mathematical models, Von Kármán equations, Optics; modified Von Karman; phase screen; Gaussian beam propagation; fringe visibility; scintillation index

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